The Sea Change effect

Sea Change offers a long-overdue alternative to the traditional consulting model

We are a niche strategic change management consultancy specialising in collaborative delivery of multi-organisational programmes.

We only associate with experienced consultants who are specialists in the insurance industry or within their specific field of expertise.

It's as simple as that.

Each of our consultants has experience working in large global firms and have gained insurance industry knowledge over many years.

We also have the professional networks to show for it.

Sea Change offers better value. We believe today's insurance market requires something a little more flexible than traditional consulting models.

We take our client experiences very seriously and understand how important it is to build relationships with satisfied customers.

Our Skills and Experience

Our experience of delivering business change has been gained solely in the Lloyd’s and London insurance marketplace, driving the success of large multi-organisational programmes and working directly with single global players, effecting operational improvement. We also work with smaller firms to support them with their strategy, operational resilience and performance.

Sea Change has a proven track record of delivering complex Stakeholder Management, Change Strategy, Project Management and Business Analysis for both large scale and focused programmes. As such, we have built an extensive network of market contacts to aid any research or industry benchmarking required.